Half-Demon Twins

 Hello! I'd like to introduce my two characters, Evie and Devon Asura! Evie and Devon are two Half-Demon twins who have been separated for a long time, with faint memories of each other. When they finally reunite, the other is definitely not what they expected. Meanwhile, their pet demon-dog, Goop, helps to bring them together. … Continue reading Half-Demon Twins


May Parents

These are Amber's parents, Florence and Hazel May! Hazel is a very strict, uptight woman and Florence is a very supportive and caring father. Amber is closer to Florence than Hazel and loves him a lot but she and Hazel fight a lot. I'll add more info later!

Cold (Dialogue)

This is Jaiden Frost aka Frostbite! He was first introduced here. He's typically very bitter towards Iridescence Academy students and dislikes them A LOT. Misty won't stand for someone trying to hurt her students and is going to take him back to the Headmistress to figure out what to do with him. Luckily, Misty is being … Continue reading Cold (Dialogue)