Donnie and Coal


I’ve introduced Coal Azari before here but never Poseidon “Donnie” Blue! He is also part of Team Hijinks, but he is very calm, kind and a voice of reason. He really doesn’t seem to cause trouble like most of his teammates and tries not to associate himself with too many of them, but he and Coal are incredibly close. They’re both best friends!

Fun Facts on Coal and Donnie!: -Coal is constantly experimenting with his fire and trying to find ways to use it without burning everything around him down.

-Poseidon and Misty actually get along relatively well, though they really only see each other at the beach.

-Poseidon has water-bending powers but he needs to feel calm when he uses them. Otherwise, he’ll flood wherever he’s at.

-Poseidon actually enjoys surfing a lot and tries to get his friends to surf with him. They’ll often favor causing chaos to it, but occasionally they’ll come with and he’ll be ecstatic

-Both Poseidon and Coal are the best friends and childhood friends of Lark Le Jade.

-Coal loves camping, outdoors and the wilderness. For him, it’s the perfect way to unwind and relax. He loves nature and animals, though he has to take extra care not to start forest fires.

-Coal really HATES water, for obvious reasons. He catches cold easily too and has to stay indoors most of the time during rainfall season, much to his dismay.


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