These are just some sketches I made a while ago!

They’re mostly of my character Walter’s dad, Alistair Carmen or ALS and a character I’ve talked about and referenced, Caroline Lockhart or CRO.

With the addition of the crazy scientist lady who created them, of course.

Anyways, allow me to explain what these sketches are and what they have to do with Iridescence Academy.

That boy in the left picture is Alistair or ALS. He got his name because ALS was his “code” but he had an error, so his name is ALS-error. Coding? He’s not “human” in the same way as everyone else. In fact, he’s more like a genetically engineered one who was made by a group of scientists and experimenters who where trying to make superhumans and human weapons. There were two groups programmed. The Brawns and the Intellects, eventually branching out to more groups. The scientists would experiment on these kids they created and keep them locked in facilities. Many of the Brawns were mistreated and belittled, and they became defiant. The Intellects on the other hand were praised and spoiled, often becoming selfish and snobby. ALS was no exception.

But there was something he was an exception to.

That girl in the top right corner is Walter’s mom, Lillian, who was the daughter of the scientist lady and the girl on the bottom right is CRO. CRO is very energetic and hyper, as well as a bit naive, but because she was a Brawn, she was belittled and often told to sit still and not act like an animal.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask. I really love answering questions!


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