The two boys were having a small fight that had started when Lark had teasingly asked him about his best friend, Amber.

He had seen Jordan sitting outside underneath the shade of a tree. He seemed to be reading some sort of a comic book, one that had likely been given to him by Amber. He strolled up to him with confidence and looked him in his dead eyes.

“Harper, how are you?” Lark asked him, as Jordan, startled, closed the comic book and threw behind him. His face turned guilty as he did and he died inside as he couldn’t retrieve it.

He then looked at Lark, annoyed. “Why are you asking? Mind your own business?” Lark gave a small glance to the comic book and nodded.

He shrugged. “Very well. But-”

“But what?” Jordan interrupted. He didn’t want to talk to Lark for much longer than he had to and wanted to cut the conversation off.

“How is Amber? She’s doing well?” He asked. Jordan nervously thought about the comic book he’d thrown behind him but didn’t look at it.

“I don’t know, she’s been hanging around Freddie a lot. And you.” Jordan sneered, returning his attention to Lark. “Why would I know what she’s doing?”

“Oh, I apologize. I thought that you would know how your best friend was doing. Of course I’m closer with her so I’d probably have a better idea of that than you. Nevermind.” Lark batted his eyelashes innocently as Jordan glared at him.

“Shut up.” Jordan shook his head and stood up, about to walk away. He was already feeling aggressive and didn’t want to lose his temper. He was usually very nonchalant but Lark just knew which buttons to press. Lark grinned as he continued.

“Excuse me? You are best friends, are you not? Or does she just not talk to you? That doesn’t seem a lot like best friends to me. She tells me everyth-”

Lark jumped out of the way as Jordan sent a small blast in his direction. When he composed himself, he gave Jordan a disappointed look. “Are we really doing this?”

Jordan let shadowy, dark smoke drip from his hand and narrowed his eyes. “Maybe you shouldn’t try to start things.”

“Perhaps.” Lark said thoughtfully. He stepped back as Jordan let himself become invisible. He looked around, trying to take in his surroundings.

Though he was invisible, Lark could still hear Jordan’s voice. “You know, I really hate you. You always try to get on my nerves.”

“HA! Like you’re any better!” Lark taunted him back. He could almost feel Jordan groan and narrow his eyes in the heat of day. He knew that he’d easily be able to manipulate Jordan into making a brash decision. Lark focused as he slowly grew vines from the ground and waited.

Meanwhile, Jordan hid behind a tree and put his hand up to the bark. He closed his eyes as he felt the life force of the tree. He closed his palm as he stole the energy from the tree with the dark smoke. He looked up at the tree that now looked decayed and dead. Sure, it’s was horrible to the environment, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Jordan thought. He snickered a little to himself as he thought about how Lark would have scolded him for using his powers that way. His little moment was interrupted as he suddenly heard Lark.

“Hey, Jordan.” Lark’s voice cooed mockingly as he hid in trees and bushes. Jordan squinted, annoyed. He backed away into the shade as he made himself invisible again. He looked around for Lark, not spotting him. Jordan was… deeply frustrated to say the least.

“Jordan, I may have started the argument, but you started the fight. Are you really sure you want to lose?” Lark questioned. Jordan heard his voice coming from the right of him and jumped out of his hiding spot, becoming visible without knowing it.

“SHUT UP!” Jordan released the dark energy he had tried to hit Lark with earlier and a small bomb of shadowy smoke and fire made it so he couldn’t make out his surroundings. Lark peeked out from his hiding place and his eyes widened as he saw the smoke rush through the trees. He covered is face as he flew past and then snapped his fingers. The vines he had grown earlier shot up through the ground and smoke, grabbing Jordan. Jordan froze for a second as they violently pulled him to the ground and tied themselves around him, restraining him.

Lark got up and coughed. He ran over to the vines and Jordan. When he saw that Jordan was struggling to get the vines off, he let out a loud laugh.

“Ha! I told you, you lost! You should’ve known better than to challenge me! Haha! Yes! I win!”

Jordan stopped struggling for a minute to roll his eyes.

“Let me go now!” Jordan growled. He was trying to phase through the vines but couldn’t. “My powers aren’t working!”

Lark stopped bragging to himself and looked at Jordan. “Of course they aren’t, that’d be silly. I made those so that way your powers wouldn’t work on it. Death doesn’t always beat life, you know.”

Jordan groaned loudly. Lark sighed and snapped his fingers. A vine made its way to him, carrying something.

The comic book.

“You want this back?” He asked. Jordan’s eyes brightened for just a moment.

“Yes! Wait, no! No.” He didn’t meet Lark’s gaze. Lark took the comic book and snapped his fingers, the vines untying themselves and releasing Jordan. Lark handed the comic book to him.

“Look, I win, but just go see how your friend is doing. And go tell her you love the comic she gave you.”

Jordan took the comic book without hesitation and smiled widely but then looked back at Lark and huffed. Lark raised a brow and he looked down, defeated.





Lark and Jordan love making jabs at one another and I love writing them doing so. It’s be perfect.

Lark and Jordan sometimes have little spars and fights, usually when Lark makes a snarky comment on how Team Opal is his team or how Amber likes him more. Jordan is great at strategizing, but not when he’s angry or annoyed. He acts very irrationally and it makes it easy for Lark to beat him. Lark usually uses this to his advantage.

Lark and Jordan actually contrast each other in a lot of ways. Jordan has powers related to death and Lark has powers related to life. Jordan loved his parents, Lark more or less despises his. Jordan is very uninterested and seemingly “calm” but easily angered and Lark is rambunctious but easy-going.

Fun Facts! -Lark is actually very rambunctious and rowdy but he tries to act elegant and not let that side of him show through.

-Lark actually enjoys having little spars with people but he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’d enjoy something so “violent” and “rough”.

-Jordan really likes the comic books Amber gives to him. Most of them are of superheroes and he’s a bit embarrassed that he likes them.

-Jordan has a power that helps him get energy for himself. But in order to use it, he also has to steal the life force of other living things.


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