Fight with a Robot

This is a sketch to go with a piece of writing I'm working on for Iridescence Academy. There are a few characters here who I've never shown before too. I'll begin drawing them a bit more too!



These are just some sketches I made a while ago! They're mostly of my character Walter's dad, Alistair Carmen or ALS and a character I've talked about and referenced, Caroline Lockhart or CRO. With the addition of the crazy scientist lady who created them, of course. Anyways, allow me to explain what these sketches are … Continue reading Error

Sourdough and Peach

These are some of my My Little Pony OCs, Sourdough and Peach Berry. They are a couple of married bakers (the Cakes, anyone?) who live happily together. Sourdough is very soft-spoken and sweet. He gives great advice and is very loyal, though he is very stubborn and prideful. But he is still a big softie … Continue reading Sourdough and Peach