I love Steven Universe and all of it's characters, from the Crystal Gems to Aquamarine to Zircon. My personal favorite out of the gems is our Ruby, because I love how passionate and angry she can be but how she's also sweet and a bit awkward. Not to mention a bit anxious. But my favorite … Continue reading Sardoynx


Sourdough and Peach

These are some of my My Little Pony OCs, Sourdough and Peach Berry. They are a couple of married bakers (the Cakes, anyone?) who live happily together. Sourdough is very soft-spoken and sweet. He gives great advice and is very loyal, though he is very stubborn and prideful. But he is still a big softie … Continue reading Sourdough and Peach


1. Marceline! I really need to watch Adventure Time more, but there's so much to watch. I'd never get through them all. Marceline has remained cool though. 2. Karma from Assassination Classroom. I really love this anime to be honest! 3. I rarely draw Steven even though he's the main character in my favorite show. … Continue reading Fanart