May Parents

These are Amber's parents, Florence and Hazel May! Hazel is a very strict, uptight woman and Florence is a very supportive and caring father. Amber is closer to Florence than Hazel and loves him a lot but she and Hazel fight a lot. I'll add more info later!



The two boys were having a small fight that had started when Lark had teasingly asked him about his best friend, Amber. He had seen Jordan sitting outside underneath the shade of a tree. He seemed to be reading some sort of a comic book, one that had likely been given to him by Amber. … Continue reading Defeated

Cold (Dialogue)

This is Jaiden Frost aka Frostbite! He was first introduced┬áhere. He's typically very bitter towards Iridescence Academy students and dislikes them A LOT. Misty won't stand for someone trying to hurt her students and is going to take him back to the Headmistress to figure out what to do with him. Luckily, Misty is being … Continue reading Cold (Dialogue)

Sourdough and Peach

These are some of my My Little Pony OCs, Sourdough and Peach Berry. They are a couple of married bakers (the Cakes, anyone?) who live happily together. Sourdough is very soft-spoken and sweet. He gives great advice and is very loyal, though he is very stubborn and prideful. But he is still a big softie … Continue reading Sourdough and Peach