Cold (Dialogue)


This is Jaiden Frost aka Frostbite! He was first introduced here. He’s typically very bitter towards Iridescence Academy students and dislikes them A LOT. Misty won’t stand for someone trying to hurt her students and is going to take him back to the Headmistress to figure out what to do with him. Luckily, Misty is being gentle with him. Gentle for her, anyways.

I also wanted to demonstrate one of Misty’s powers. She can tell what others want and how they feel, which is supposed to help her help others make wishes that will make them happy but she’s found other uses.


It was dark and Jaiden Frost had been causing trouble with some Iridescence Academy students he’d seen walking nearby. He couldn’t help but sneer in their direction as they all strode down the sidewalk. He’d been jealous of everyone else who had been let into Iridescence Academy when he wasn’t accepted in. It had made him more furious than he’d ever admit. He decided to follow the group and freeze them all in ice. He had intended to take the now frozen blocks of ice and toss them into a lake nearby, unfreezing the ice as he did so when a breeze filled the air and then suddenly, the students were gone. He looked around in disbelief and narrowed his eyes.

“They were just he-”


The pale-haired and cold boy fell to the ground with one punch. He tried to recover but took a minute to massage his face. He turned his face to see a figure standing over him, with mist forming.

The figure had bright, glowing eyes that were staring at him accusingly. It was Mysteria. Jaiden gulped and moved back a little.

Mysteria’s mouth moved. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Jaiden began freaking out a little inside. He tried to put on a brave and arrogant facade and narrowed his eyes. “What are you talking about?”

Mysteria raised her hand and Jaiden flinched. He felt his forehead tingle a little as the figure’s hand glowed, lighting her face up more. He studied her face for a second and then clamped his eyes shut.

“It’s none of your business!” He spat. He thought she would continue to press him until he confessed but then she raised a brow.

“Did you intend to drown those students?”

Jaiden heard that and flinched. He tried to meet Mysteria’s gaze but looked down. He wasn’t really trying to drown them per say. He just wanted to watch them get soaked and struggle to get out of the water. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to though.

Mysteria closed her eyes and sighed. She then opened her mouth and released a lot of information that she couldn’t have possibly known. “Oh? Jealous of the Iridescence Academy students I see? You wanted to humiliate them? Interested.” She kept a straight face and her glowing eyes burned. “Well, Jaiden Matthew Frost, it sure was foolish of you to believe that doing such a thing would get you what you wanted. To be in Iridescence Academy, I “presume”?

“How do you know my name-” Jaiden choked. “Wait! For all you know, I didn’t even want to go to that stupid school!”

Mysteria tried to keep from smirking. “Haha. Oh please, I know what you want. You wanted to become some excuse for a hero so that others would admire and praise you. How heroic.” She laughed mockingly. She looked at his clenched jaw and stopped.

She leaned down and grabbed his hands and pulled him up, looking him straight in the eyes.

“You’re going to come with me to Iridescence Academy so we can… sort you out. But you’re going to unfreeze those students first.” Mysteria whispered. She clenched his wrists tightly, almost suffocating them. Was she trying to rip his hands off?

Jaiden was subtly trying to free his hands. Sweat would’ve been running down the side of his forehead if he hadn’t been freezing.

“Or wh-”

“And you’re going to do it NOW!” Mysteria bellowed. Jaiden shrunk back in fear but then she tugged his hands close to her and started dragging him over to the students he’d frozen. Her eyes pierced through his soul and he was shaking. His voice shook as he at the blocks of ice.

“Who are you?”

Mysteria folded her arms after she’s let go of his wrists but grinned. Her tone changed to a more dreamy one. “Who do you think I am?”

Jaiden looked her up and down nervously. Dark long, curly hair, glowing eyes, the ability to know what you’re feeling and what your intentions are. Jaiden tried to stay quiet but couldn’t.

“You’re the Headmistress’s daughter.”


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